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On-site Pathology now is available

Our team of specialist pathologists at 4Cyte Pathology have held or hold leadership positions in their profession. They are recognized by their peers for their expertise in each of the major subspecialties. 4Cyte pathologists are united by a common goal: To provide unparalleled diagnostics – ensuring our referring clinicians provide the best possible care to patients. The 4Cyte pathology lab near me provides excellent support to all our patients and patients from other centres and any receipts.

  For many people, the work undertaken by a pathology lab is an essential part of obtaining an accurate diagnosis for their ailments. Pathology labs test tissues and bodily fluids for a wide range of different markers that can give some insight into why patients are experiencing specific symptoms. From blood tests to tests on cells, lymph nodes and urine, our pathology lab will carry out tests requested by any of our medical providers. Our pathology lab At our medical clinic, you can expect to see a fully qualified and experienced medical professional who will be able to suggest the tests which are most suitable in order to make a diagnosis. In addition, if you’re worried about a particular illness or infection (for example, you are concerned you may have picked up a blood-borne disease or an illness caused by insect bites), our professionals can request the appropriate tests to find out. Our pathology lab is able to test for a wide range of different conditions. We also process results quickly, so in most cases, we are able to get back to patients fairly quickly with the next steps.

Why us? 

Appropriate testing is helpful in the treatment of acute diseases as well as the management of chronic conditions. At our medical clinic, patients have the opportunity to discuss their health with empathetic doctors who have the training to spot when general, vague symptoms require further investigation. If you’re suffering from problems such as excessive tiredness, lack of energy, brain fog, aches and pains, stomach problems, difficulty sleeping or other issues which don’t have an obvious cause, the right tests are often able to give a clue regarding the nature of the underlying problem.

Our health professionals are committed to doing everything they can to give patients the care they need: requesting tests for analysis at our pathology lab is a key part of this process.
The most common pathology tests include:

  • Liver function tests
  • Full blood examinations
  • Iron studies
  • Thyroid function tests
  • Urinalysis
  • International Normalised Ratio tests (blood clotting)

Apart from diagnosing and detecting disease, pathology tests in South Melbourne are also carried out to monitor disease progression, treat disease, prevent disease (mammograms and pap smears), determine an individual’s future risk of disease (familial breast cancer or high cholesterol), and aid vital research into new treatments and procedures. To find out more about our pathology lab, contact us today.

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