According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey (2017 – 2018) two-thirds of Australian adults, or 67%, are overweight or obese. That’s 12.5 million Aussies. So, if you’re struggling with weight management, you’re not alone.

But the good news is that you don’t have to manage your weight loss alone, either. At CityMed, we have a dedicated team of medical experts to help you every step along the way of your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, and we help individuals achieve long-term weight management in Melbourne based.

Fad diets might work in the short term, but they can be dangerous and difficult to maintain in the long term. Real, positive, and long-lasting weight loss and weight management are about setting realistic expectations, getting the right nutritional information, and making positive lifestyle choices.

Our Weight Management Plans 

At CityMed, we work with you to help you set realistic and achievable weight management goals. Your fitness level may never be Ninja Warrior, but your goal might be more about keeping up with your kids at the playground or comfortably participating in a friendly game of beach cricket with your friends. Long-term change starts with little decisions that add up to a gradual, but noticeable transformation.

Knowledge is Power 

Everybody is different, so every weight management journey is different. At CityMed, we carry out a series of tests, including blood tests, to find out exactly what your body needs to thrive and perform at its best. Then, we can create an effective weight management plan, complete with the information you need about nutrition and exercise. Just knowing what foods your body needs, and which foods are holding you back, can be invaluable in helping you successfully live your best life.

Personalised Weight Management Strategies

Effective weight management isn’t about saying ‘no’ to everything you enjoy. It’s about learning to say ‘yes’ to the right things and learning to manage your cravings. At CityMed, we equip and empower you with effective strategies to help you make healthy, positive choices for weight management.

So, if you’re just getting started on your weight management journey in Melbourne, or you’re making progress but would like to get the tools you need to take your weight management to the next level, our dedicated weight management team at CityMed is here to help you on the journey, with the latest medical, exercise and nutrition advice.

CityMed is open 7 days, so make an appointment and start your weight loss journey today. For weight management, Melbourne residents can count on them, contact us today.